About me

My name is Jochem, better known with my artist name DJ Fast. I live in Leiden which is in the Netherlands. I started making music when I was about 13 years old, with making “remixes” using the simple mixing programs like Virtual DJ. Then I got more interested in the producing side of music and started working with DAW’s for the first time. I started using Sony Acid Pro and later on I used Reason to rewire my own sounds in. Later on I tried a loads of other DAW’s and got hooked by the simplicity of Fruity Loops Studio. I still use FL Studio (10.7) but try to make my own sound by using loads of VSTs. My preference goes to making electronical music in the House/Club/Deep/Tech/Soulful genre, but sometimes I like to make a Chillout track too. If you would like to make a collab with me you can just email me at info@djfast.nl or leave a comment on the site!

Since this year this site won’t be dedicated to solely my music anymore, I am too busy to make music for a while now so I decided that this site needed another purpose, and that is to show you all new and nice music!

Got advice, a nice track tip, music you would like promoted or questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me on my email adress info[at]djfast.nl!

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